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The International Ecolinguistics Association

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Membership of the International Ecolinguistics Association is free and open to anyone with an interest in language and the life-sustaining interactions of humans, other species and the physical environment. For example: 


  • Researchers who are developing linguistic theories that take into account not just humans and human society, but the larger natural world of animals, plants, trees, soil, forests, rivers, climate etc.

  • Educators who want to introduce ecological issues in their teaching.

  • Linguists who want to apply their research to environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, environmental justice and alienation from nature.

  • Ecologists, conservationists, environmentalists, ecocritics or ecopsychologists who are interested in the role of language in their area of research and practice.

  • Researchers who use linguistics to question the social structures that underpin an ecologically destructive society, and have a goal of social transformation.


To join, please email the membership officer ( You will be added to the Ecolinguistics List, a mailing list for sharing information about conferences, events, new articles and the latest developments in ecolinguistics.

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