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Journal Submissions

Language and Ecology  ISSN 1745-3631


If you would like to publish an article here then please read the author guidelines before submitting it as an email attachment to the editor, Amir Ghorbanpour (


Articles must be clearly relevant to both language and ecology in its literal sense of the life-sustaining interactions of humans, other species and the physical environment.


Articles are published in any language, and can be written in a style that suits the subject matter of the article (formal academic writing, scholarly personal reflection, digital story etc).


One of the aims of ecolinguistics is to search for ways of using language and images that inspire people to protect the ecosystems that support life. The journal therefore has a ‘Creative Works’ section where prose, visual art and poems which promote ecological awareness will be published. The journal also welcomes linguistic and visual analyses of these works which will be published alongside them.


Articles are peer reviewed before publication.


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